Project Goals

-Journals for every parent 
Journaling is very therapeutic during traumatic times

-Family Room Donations
Stocking the many family rooms available to parents. We would not only like to stock with food items but also with books, bibles, magazines, adult coloring books, etc. 

-Individual Family Project
Random acts of kindness for families whose children may have been sick for quite some time. This may look like a gift card for mom and dad to have a nice dinner, sending the family somewhere fun once discharged, or helping pay for items they are in need of. 

-Starbucks Gift Cards
Wolfson's is currently in the process of building a Starbucks inside the hospital so we would love to purchase gift cards for as many parents as possible. 

These are only a few ideas that are being created with your acts of generosity.

We are currently working with the Wolfson's Children Hospital to find out some of the many needs of the families in their care. Help us reach these goals. 

Project Renewed Hope

Bringing the light of Hope through projects of Love