When our second child Beau was born, we came face to face with the unexpected on a day that was supposed to be perfect. Something wasn’t right and we quickly learned our sweet baby boy had Esophageal Atresia and would need major surgery at 3 days old. We eventually learned that he also had severe Tracheomalacia. Doctors told us that he would get better with time but that wasn’t the case. Beau only got worse. For 2 years, we were making trips to the ER, packing our bags for nights at the hospital, watching our boy suffer for a month in the pediatric intensive care unit, and then traveling across the United States to find him the proper care that would result in more major surgeries. 
In the midst of our pain, my eyes were opened to the reality of what many families walk through day after day. I looked into the eyes of so many other parents who needed what we all require... hope. 
God placed a dream in my heart in the midst of pain during that season of life. I knew I was being called to find a way to deliver hope to children and families who were walking a similar road to ours. 
Project Renewed Hope’s ambition is to bring hope to as many children and families we can through acts of love. 

Beau is thriving and doing well today.

Project Renewed Hope

Bringing the light of Hope through projects of Love